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Do you go to church but feel so alone? Have you longed for a mentor or friend to come along side you when you have questions or need someone to talk to? Tired of topical teachings with no real depth or meaning to your everyday life? Not sure how to defend or share your faith with others? Do you struggle with grief and loss that keeps you stuck in pain? 

I am blessed to have you here with me! 
This podcast will equip you, so you feel more confident in sharing your faith to lost loved ones. Together with our sisterhood, you will have a community to support you on your journey. You will grow deeper into God’s Word for transformation. Because I am a Grief Recovery Specialist, you will obtain tools for healing your broken heart from loss and grief. 

I am Amy, a wife of 20 plus years, a stay-at-home mom running a business and always seeking that Christian Community to connect with. My childhood was full of trauma and loss which left me full of fear, anxiety, and depression which led to me not experiencing real freedom in my adult life. I looked to the church for help but seemed to come up empty. After many years of struggling, it was through the learning of God’s Word for myself and uncovering the pain from my childhood that I finally became free to be who God created me to be. 

If you are ready to learn the deeper things of your faith, desire to be free from the pain of loss and grief, and have someone to do it with you, grab your comfy sneakers because we are about to walk this out together, sister! 

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