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Review for Church leader:

Amy is a wonderful leader who is very knowledgeable about the scriptures. She is also very compassionate and has always been there for me no matter the time of day. She is easy to talk to and has a biblical love for people. I have learned so much from her and truly felt the jolt spirit when I worshipped with her. I would recommend her to lead any group, especially a group of believers. She became a sister in Christ and I am blessed to have the privilege to know her. She has always been there for me and I am forever grateful.

- David 


Hey Amy, I just wanted you to know I feel so much better after that class. I don't feel like I have as much guilt about not seeing my grandma as much as I should have, especially towards the end. It's very true about time. We never know when it's going to run out. Also, I am praying she heard my letter and knows exactly how I feel. I feel like I have let go of pain. I have buried and feel better knowing I was able to express myself openly without any judgment. Thanks again. I do appreciate your time. Hope you have a nice weekend. 😊
Melanie B. 

Review for Grief class:

 Prior the class, I had very little skills to none with recovering from grief. Her loving attitude and teaching really gave me skills to help me cope. With the passing of my mom, the other year, I was in a very dark place. She thought that my mom was a major bolder in my bag of grief. She was right. It’s still hard but I’ve been able to move on and have other meaningful relationships. She guided us through the book and provided notes and insights in the class. I believe this class should be a requirement for everyone as we’re not taught how to manage grief, especially in the United States, where we’re taught to just move on. Amy became a teacher, a friend, and a confidant. I would recommend her to help anyone overcome their grief. Grief is so complicated, and she helps you have the tools to overcome. This class was so much more than I expected, and I was privileged to take it with her. She is very compassionate and listens. Without this class, I’d still be in a dark place and I am forever grateful that she recommended I take it with her. I treasure my time in this class and the tools I acquired. - David 

Grief Recovery
“Amy is an absolutely amazing Grief Recovery Specialist. She takes the time and actually listens to your heart and helps you get to the root of the grief. She also makes you feel heard in a setting that is safe and comfortable.”

“Amy and her husband Steve have helped me with my walk with Christ for six…almost seven years now and the extent of their Biblical knowledge and their love for The Lord is evident every time you interact with them. They love each person they come across and treat them with dignity and respect. They are the ones I turn to whenever I need prayer or just need encouragement. They are truly the embodiment of Christ and his teaching and I would trust them with my life.”
Milton B. 

When I first attended BeTheChurch 6 years ago I was in extreme bondage(Church hurt, worried,  fatigued all the time, false labels, and so much more!)
I remember getting invited to Bible study. At first I was hesitant because all of the other Bible studies I have gone to left me extremely empty and left me in more bondage than ever! 
I was extremely shocked when I attended the first Bible study ever! Amy actually teaches the word of God for what it is! I get super filled up and I was set free from so much bondage! All from God using Amy Diane Ross. 

My relationship with God has grown deeply and still is growing deeply with just knowing the basic doctrines of the faith and WHY!  Amy taught us how to go out and serve! Between homeless camps to Mexico trip! The Accountability changed my life forever and I absolutely LOVE it!

I could go on and on and on! Amy is my spiritual momma, sister in Christ, amazing Titus woman of the faith, hard worker, and so much more!  

-Gabrielle C. 

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