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Church History: William Whiting Borden "Borden of Yale"

Borden was born November 1st, 1887, to a wealthy family in Chicago. His family gained their wealth by mining silver in Colorado. Borden’s mother became a born again Christian when he was a child and she started taking him to a church in Chicago. The church is now known as Moody Church.

At age 16 he took a trip around the world. This trip would be what changed him forever. While seeing many different cultures in the world he also recognized the world needs the gospel. He knew he wanted to become a missionary.

He entered Yale university for his studies. While at Yale University he started a daily prayer group. It is said that after 2 years his prayer group impacted each and every student at Yale University.

He went on to Princeton Theological Seminary. While there he sat on several boards and councils of Christian organizations as well as becoming the director of Moody Bible Institute. He was ordained on September 9th, 1912. He was planning on becoming a full-time missionary to Chinese Muslims. Sadly, Borden died before he got the opportunity. He contracted Cerebral Meningitis and passed away April 9th, 1913, at age 25.

Borden was a Millionaire when he passed away and he gave much of his wealth to the spreading of the gospel in his living years and in his death. His tombstone reads “Apart from faith in Christ there is no explanation of such life.”

What is said of Borden is that no matter where he was, he was always focused on leading people to Jesus Christ. Young people do not let money fame success become your identity. What can you do in your school, work, neighborhood to be an impact on the gospel of Jesus Christ? Just like young Borden he thought he had forever to serve Christ, it’s a good thing he didn’t take his youth for granted as he died so young but made a huge impact for the gospel of Jesus Christ. Don’t waste your youth on following after worldly pleasures. Pursue God with all that you have.


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