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Eve, Mother of Us All

As the story goes Adam was made by God using the dust of the earth. (Genesis 2:7) He breathed life into Adam. Adam had dominion over the earth and lived in paradise with perfect fellowship with God. Though everything was perfect Adam had no one like him to walk in life with.

God put Adam in a deep sleep, took a rib from his side, and formed Eve. His perfect counterpart. When Adam awoke, she stands before him, his equal in intellect, spirituality, and even essence. She was human just like him. She had everything he needed to be complete in one flesh with her. Even the plumbing fit perfectly together (if you know what I mean).

He saw her and was awestruck by her beauty. Her perfection. Sin had not entered yet so they would have been perfectly united together in God.

He would have noticed she was physically made unique from him, not as strong, smaller in frame, her role as a woman was different as she would be a child bearer. Yet they complimented one another perfectly as God designed.

Then after what most scholars believe was only a few days Satan came to tear apart what God had established. Adam would have warned Eve about the Tree of Good and Evil, but it seems she was easily deceived. When the serpent came and got her to question “Did God say” and then tempt her to be “like God” she fell for his lies and took a bite of the forbidden fruit. Adam was so in love with Eve and saw she didn’t die immediately that he too was convinced to eat the fruit. (Genesis 3)

Sin instantly entered the world, even causing them to produce the first religion; they sewed fig leaves to cover up their shame. This is every religion on the planet, work or do to cover up the shame of sin. Christianity is the only faith that says you can’t cover your shame, only God can so He sent His Son Jesus to cover you! To cover your sin!

As we see the story goes that they were banished from the garden. Eve was given the curse of pain in childbirth which we all still endure today. Also, she and Adam for the first time are now at odds. What was a perfect marriage had become strained by sin. Adam blamed Eve for the sin, he now wanted to rule and lord over her. He no longer fully understands her as a woman or as his equal. She desires to rule over him. She doesn’t fully understand his need to provide and protect. The lack of emotional empathy towards her. Though they still complement one another it is now strained and must be worked at to live in harmony as one.

This curse is not different today. Though Christ our redeemer came and has reconciled believers back to the Father. (John 1:29) We will wrestle with the curse of sin still dwelling in us. (Romans 7:15-24) We still have pain in childbirth, we struggle to submit to our husbands, and we do not fully understand their need to provide and protect or how they interact differently emotionally. That’s why marriage books line the shelves and conferences are hosted across the country, marriage counselors are not lacking work and sadly neither are divorce attorneys.

Eve is truly the mother of all living! Though she fell into deception. She still was a brave young woman to continue with no guidance on how to be a mom or wife in a fallen world. She bore children, raised them, and helped her husband forge this new world. We do not hear a ton about her, but we know she was made perfect in God’s image, she was made perfect in companion to a man, and she was made perfect in producing the human race.

As women, we are equal in our humanity, salvation, intelligence, and essence to men. However, from the beginning, we have been given different and unique roles in the home and church life. When (Titus 2:3-6) Men embrace their God-given roles to love their wives as Christ loves His church even laying His life down for her, a woman more easily embraces their role to love, honor, and submit to their husbands being good at home.

Today Eve is in Glory with Jesus! Though she disobeyed God greatly, God still showed her grace, and she is the mother of us all. We too have sinned greatly, yet God the Father has bestowed such grace upon us. Someday we shall be completely set free from the Sin that still dwells in our mortal tents. All of creation groans for the day of Christ's return. Until then Lord helps us as women to walk in our God-given roles with grace and beauty being submitted to Your word Lord, loving our husbands and caring for our children, and being the great backbones of church life in our service to the body of Christ. God bless every sister today, Lord! AMEN!


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