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What Is Love, 1 Corinthians 13:4-8

1. Love Suffers Long: Bearing with a person's worst behaviors without retaliation, regardless of the circumstances. (God suffers long with us)

2. Love is Kind: Being good to others, making people happy by granting requests, and assisting in distress. Being tender in nature with the family of God. (God is so kind to us)

3. Love Does Not Envy: We are happy for others as they excel in reputation or position. We do not despise each one's giftings. We don’t hold grudges. We are never in a competition but rather on the same team. We all work towards the common goal of building people up to maturity in Christ.

4. Love Does Not Parade Itself: We do not draw attention to ourselves. We don’t desire people to look at us or see how great we are. We don’t want ourselves exalted at all. We recognize it’s all about Christ and Him crucified. Our name must not be the one in lights but Christ alone.

5. Love Is Not Puffed Up: We are not inflated with pride. We do not believe or behave like we are better than anyone else. We do not operate out of pride in our gifts and callings. We do not show superiority among the family of God.

6. Love Is Not Rude: We are not rough in our speech or tones. We are not crude, raw, or harsh with each other. We are loving and gentle in all manners and situations.

7. Love Do Not Seek Its Own: We are others-oriented. We are not selfish or self-seeking. We are always asking if what we are about to do is the best possible decision for the family of God, not just myself.

8. Love Is Not Provoked: We can handle insults. We do not snap back. We do not return harshness with harshness or put down for put down. We do not resort to anger. 1 Peter 2:23 & 3:9

9. Love Thinks No Evil: We do not automatically believe everyone’s motives are evil. We do not think of evil ways to treat people. We give people the benefit of the doubt.

10. Love Does Not Rejoice in Sin: We are not secretly or openly happy when we discover others have fallen into sin. We don’t delight or participate in others' sins. Sin is always a grievous period for the fallen and those who witness the fall.

11. Love Rejoices in Truth: We find joy in truth. We love seeing truth as it frees people. We love it when truth exposes lies. We, as believers, contend for truth and do not compromise. (God is truth)

12. Love Bares All Things: This is the opposite of expose. Love covers a multitude of sins. Love looks to preserve others' reputations even if they did wrong. We are not to gossip to anyone about another. Love conceals a matter while being dealt with by God or others. We cover each other in prayer.

13. Love Believes All Things: We have an unshakable trust in others. We believe our brothers and sisters are good. We wear rose-colored glasses in one degree. We desire only to see the best in them as they grow in Christ.

14. Love Hopes All Things: We have great hope for our family in God. We have hope for their future, even if they are shaky with sin. We want to have hope that they will get it together someday so that they can fully serve Christ.

15. Love Endures All Things: Love endures with one another. We do everything to unite in Christ and not divide. We endure each other’s sanctification process as we mature toward Christ.


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