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What Makes Good Friday so Good Anyways?

We start out in ministry with great expectation. Seems everything is smooth sailing, then suddenly a storm arises that makes us question everything we thought to be true.

Peter met Jesus and immediately walked away from it all to follow Him. (Matt. 4:18-21) As he observed Jesus, he discovered He is the Messiah prophesied about by his forefathers. (Matt. 16:15-16) Peter became so convinced of his call he was willing to die in battle to save His Lord. (John 18:10)

Then Peter faced a season of persecution and hardship causing all his expectations to come into question. He denied His Lord three times. He left him at the cross. He went back to what was familiar, fishing.

The enemy uses these seasons to promote his agenda.

“Give up”

” Were you actually called to this?”

“Everyone is against you!”

“Living in the world was easier.”

” Maybe it’s best to just go enjoy life, why keep putting yourself through this?”

However, like Peter, you realize JESUS RESURRECTED! He is ALIVE! Suddenly it’s all brought back into perspective.

We are fishers of men!

We may fall short, we may mess up, we may get weary, we may feel inadequate, but we cannot quit!

His resurrection changes everything. It’s not about us, it’s all about Him! He promised that we will have everything we need to get the job done in which He has called us to do. (John 15:16)

Peter went on to preach the gospel, thousands were converted in one day. (Acts 2:14-42). He helped oversee the council in Jerusalem with James. Peter walked in signs and wonders, his very shadow healed people. (Acts 5:15-16) Peter wrote two of our letters in the Bible. He was imprisoned, beaten, and eventually killed for his faith. (Acts 5:40)

Imagine if Peter gave up after the crucifixion. imagine if he never returned to the great commission. The resurrection of Jesus is why we don’t give up. Like Peter we may go through hard seasons, but we must keep our focus on the call of Christ.

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